Triumph TR4A (1967)

Price: US$24,000

 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1967
  • Colour: Not Specified
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage Not Specified
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

  LBI Limited  

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-Chassis # CTC73750LO
-Engine # CT73971E
-Well Optioned With "Surrey Top" & "IRS"
-Fantastically Original & Numbers Matching
-Mechanically Sorted and Ready For Use
-Offered With BMIHT Certificate, Spare, and Records

When the Triumph TR4 was introduced in 1961, it was a bold and drastic change from the aging spartan design of the outgoing TR3. The new body was a modern design, penned by Michelotti, that still looks elegant and sporty even today. The updated TR4 design took sporting prowess and mixed in a bit more creature comfort into the design, doing away with the leaky side curtains in favor of much more practical roll up windows. Other key upgrades over the outgoing TR3 included a wider track in both the front and the rear, rack and pinion steering, a fully synchromesh gearbox, and a slight upgrade in engine displacement to 2138cc. The TR4 was well received by the public and throughout its 5 years run would see an estimated 40,253 cars produced. In 1965 the TR4A was introduced as a slight upgrade to the standard TR4. The biggest change was the availability of IRS or independent rear suspension, in an attempt to stop the critics who chided the TR4 for a harsh ride. The TR4A would be produced for two more years until in 1968 it was replaced by the similar design but updated power plant of the TR5.

This particular TR4A, chassis number CTC73750LO, and engine number CT73971E is a 1967 model fitted with IRS (independent rear suspension). It came from the factory fitted with a rare and desirable hard top allowing for a little bit more protection from the elements when motoring down the road. This car is in fantastic original condition with largely original paint and superb patina throughout and is numbers matching according to the supplied BMIHT. The car has been thoroughly sorted mechanically and is ready for immediate use. According to the BMIHT, this car was built on October 31, 1966, and delivered to the Standard Triumph Motor Company of New Jersey on November 8, 1966. Factory fitted equipment included Michelin X types, heater, overdrive, triumph racing green hard top, black surrey top, European lights and independent rear suspension. Not much is known about the early life of the car but it can be said that it spent time in California and was a black plate car up until the early 2000's when it was purchased by Jamie Kitman, a well known automotive journalist, who resides in northern New Jersey and New York. Under Mr. Kitman's ownership, the car was routinely serviced at reputable shops and all the records are included. Most of the work that was done was routine maintenance and replacing expendable items and the car presents today as very well maintained. This car comes with BMIHT Certificate, Spare, and Records.

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