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How to submit an advert

Before you start:

To place an advert you will need:

  • To register with us.
  • The full UK postcode of the vehicle.
  • The registration number of the vehicle to be advertised.
  • The vehicle details - make, model, model version Eg Ford Escort MkII.
  • The advert text to describe your vehicle- We provide unlimited text so feel free to write as much as you can to help inform our readers and sell your car ahead of others on sale. Be sure to summarise this information at the start of your description.
  • Four photos of the vehicle to be advertised (in a JPEG format) the bigger the better. Our system resizes images to the optimum for the different view sizes but we cannot improve the quality of small low resolution pictures. We plan to increase the number of pictures allowed very soon.

To register with us

In order to place any advert online you need to have registered with us. This is to ensure we have a valid email address with which to communicate with you and allows us to track your adverts. You will also receive a range of registered user benefits.

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You can upload photographs of your vehicle to accompany your advert. Buyers are often far more comfortable about making a purchase if they can see what they are buying. These appear as 'thumbnail' pictures next to your advert which a potential buyer can click on to enlarge, allowing them to see your vehicle in greater detail. Our lightbox feature is unique and allowsreaders to see really detailed images of your car.

Image specifications

  • Photographs must be supplied in JPEG format (JPG, JPEG) - this is the default for most digital cameras
  • Photographs must be a minimum resolution of 640x480 pixels - again, for most digital cameras, this is the minimum resolution they provide
  • We will automatically resize the images you supply for the website
  • Remember, if the images are very large, they may take a long time to upload to our site depending on your internet connection speed
  • For more information on taking photos of your vehicle for use in an advert see our photo guide