Porsche 911 Carrera (1997)

Price: EURO50,000


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1997
  • Colour: Black
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage 64,900
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

  LBI Limited  

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-Chassis # WP0DA2996VS385569
-64,900 Miles From New
-Desirable Targa Varient In Classic Colors
-Recent $21,500.00 Engine Rebuild Completed
-Complete With Manuals, Tools, Jack & Pump

Many Porsche purists consider the 993 the ultimate 911. The last air-cooled, true to nature Porsche before the sweeping hands of time ushered in radiators, water pumps and more, taking with them a certain character that is impossible to replicate. It is somewhat true in the manner that the 993 generation of 911's still has the raw and modern feel of its predecessors while providing the occupants with a bit more creature comforts then previously available. It is an exquisite blend of 911 heritage and the future of Porsche's brand that is truly deserving of the high regard in which they are held.

The 993 generation of 911 was a somewhat drastic change from the previous generations and Porsche continued the shock show when in 1996 they introduced the completely redesigned Targa model variant. Gone was the old removable top, replaced by a large sliding glass panel that electrically retracted to sit underneath the rear window. This new system provided for a much more user friendly experience and also allowed the car to maintain the exact same shape profile as the standard 911 version, while still providing the buyer with something extremely unique. Total production for the 993 Targa was approximately 4,619 cars built world wide over its three year run from 1996 to 1998. The year 1997 saw a mere 567 delivered to the United States and Canada making this particular year and variant somewhat scarce.

This particular 1997 Porsche Targa could best be described as a “get in and go” kind of car. The miles are relatively low with the odometer currently reading 64,827 at the time of writing. The car has lived a relatively event free life, with two previous owners, no incidents, and is backed up by a clean Carfax report. It wears an attractive black exterior over Cashmere Beige interior; an understated and gorgeous color combination. It still retains its exclusive Targa style wheels which can be difficult to procure once gone. From the original options code sticker located on the underside of the hood, we can decipher the following options:

159- Engine sound package

329- Radio Blaupunkt Toronto or Becker

437/438- Eight way electrical seat right/left

445- Wheel caps (steel grey) with colored Porsche crest

454- Auto speed control

490- Sound system

The exterior of the car is fairly clean and tidy with the exception of some very minor blemishes here and there that are consistent with a car of this age and miles. The front bumper has a very small number of stone chips that could easily be repaired or simply left as-is. The only real area of note is a small dent along the driver side roofline that also contains some chipped paint (see photos). This was more then likely a byproduct of daily usage, and could be repaired or left as-is. The glass is all free from any major blemishes including the all important glass targa top. All four distinctive Targa wheels are clean and issue free. The paint is smooth and consistent throughout but has certainly been repainted and/or blended at some point in its recent history as noted by the absents of factory Porsche orange peel paint texture. When applying a paint meter to each panel of the car, it reads between 4 and 10.5 mils thickness with the majority of the car reading around 6 mils. The rear tail light lenses do show some signs of age with slight, almost unnoticeable spider cracking and fading upon very close inspection.

Mechanically, the car is the recent recipient of $21,487.76 worth of engine rebuilding at Powertech; a Porsche only specialist in Rockaway, New Jersey. The car runs and drives flawlessly and demonstrates the extensive service performed. The entire car was gone through and anything that needed to be sorted was taken care of. The engine was disassembled down to pistons and cylinders and built back up using new components. A detailed line item list of the work performed is available. With the turn of the key the Targa fires right to life and settles quickly into the iconic raspy Porsche idle. Upon engagement the clutch feels light and responsive, all gears engage well and the car shifts excellent. The engine revs happily through the RPM range and settles back down to a nice even idle. The car drives straight and true, benefited by a new set of tires with plenty of tread life left. The hallmark 993 rear spoiler/wing moves up and down effortlessly as well. This car has been thoroughly mechanically sorted and it truly shows in the way it runs and drives.

Inside the car, the seats have been recently recovered and show no signs of wear or any issues. The power functioning of both seats work as designed. There is a set of “Targa” scripted mats over top of the stock carpets which show some usage but nothing out of line with a car of this age or mileage. All electronics work as they should. The large glass Targa top slides back with ease allowing the summer sun to warm you as you drive down the road. All instrumentation is in proper functioning order. The side windows roll up and down smoothly and all the interior and exterior lights function well. The original stock Porsche radio is still present and works without issues. The rear seats, like in most 911's, show minimal signs of usage. The headliner is also clean and tear free. The front area remains clean, tidy, and as it should from the factory free from any signs of damage.

This 993 Targa represents something special in the Porsche line. It is the last of a lineage but also the beginning of a bright future. It melds the old and the new in a beautifully designed package, perfect for enjoyment on a summer day. This particular Targa is the kind of car you can get in, turn the key, and enjoy. It is mechanically dialed-in and truly needs nothing but a new driver. Whether it be your daily commute, a trip to the beach, or a windy backroad on the way to nowhere, this is the perfect car to do it in. Included in the sale are the tools, jack, spare, and Porsche badged air pump along with manuals.

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