Jaguar E-type (1962)

Price: EURO43,000


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1962
  • Colour: Opalescent Bronze
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage Not Specified
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

  LBI Limited  

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On March 16th, 1996, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City announced its acquisition of a 1963 Jaguar E-type, as a part of their permanent collection. Worthy of such notable recognition the E-type has never been a hard choice for those who recognize and appreciate beauty. Sophisticated and delicate styling combined with the unsurpassed engineering of the time, the E-Type has, is, and will remain the motoring icon of the 1960's. Presenting beautifully in both roadster (OTS) and fixed head coupe (FHC) forms, the E-type today represents a time in history were the goal of building the ultimate sports car drove companies to do just that. With no real government regulations or the accounting department to dissuade true creativity and talent, the early E-Type variants (1961-1964) offer a special experience of purity with obvious notice to the intent of the original design.

The E-Type on offer here is just that, an early derivative in FHC format. This early E-Type is finished in its spectacular and rare factory color combination of Opalescent Bronze with a Red interior that is original to the car. With known history from new, Chassis # 887736 is presented as a numbers matching example that is the product of an 18 year old restoration. History on Chassis # 887736, according to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate shows that is was distributed through Jaguar of Eastern Canada, in Montreal. While the original selling dealer is not known, we do know that the first owner was Vancouver based Architect, Fred Hollingsworth. Well known as the originator of Canada's "West Coast Style", Hollingsworth is considered by many to be one of Canada's top contemporary architects. Born in England in 1917, Hollingsworth immigrated to Vancouver with his family by 1929, and designed his first home by 1946. Following his English roots, the E-Type he acquired in early 1963 was fitting of his accomplishments and appreciation for advanced design; much like that of the Museum of Modern Art.

As 1986 approached Hollingsworth soon sold the E-Type to Don Coleman of British Colombia, Canada. Coleman enjoyed the car until late 1991 when he commissioned Auto Classic Restoration to begin a full restoration. At the time of restoration, about 76,125 miles were showing on the odometer, and the car had seen better days. Pre-restoration it had some minor rusting in the rear fenders, a bit in the sills and floors and a bonnet that was less than perfect as well; all typical for 76,125 mile example used in Canada as a daily driver for many years. We have concluded that this was however not a rotten example at this time, but rather an example suffering some of the typical E-Type rust.

The restoration entailed totally disassembling the car down to the monocoque and front sub frame. It received rust replacement via proper techniques (not filler). Then stripped, prepped and repainted in its original Opalescent Bronze. All bright work was refinished as necessary at this time as well. During this time, the numbers matching engine was completely disassembled, new main and rod bearings installed, new rings, a rebuilt head etc... were completed with all new related components (documented). New brakes, running gear, electrical (new wiring harness), new cooling system etc... were all completed. Finished with a new Red interior, including new dash pad and headliner the restoration was finally finished after much sorting and finish work in early 1995. Many receipts are present for labor, parts lists, labor descriptions, and other such related documents.

The quality of the work when completed was impressive, and done to driver/show quality standards. Shown often at local shows and driven regularly this E-Type was very well cared for post-restoration. With many receipts present from Alistair Black's Special Services Inc. we can see that it was thoroughly serviced, never missing a thing, and 7,985 miles since the restoration the car still presents tremendously well. The paint is still smooth and shiny and lies on very flat panels all the way around. The chrome shows very well and the rubber components are still in good condition throughout with the exception of a few items that do show to be dry and cracking. The doors and gaps are excellent, fit well, shut well, and are very even as is the rear hatch. The bonnet lines up nicely but could use some minor adjusting to be perfect. Overall however we would consider the fit and finish to be superb and showing very well for an 18 year old restoration. If we have any complaints about the exterior cosmetics it would have to be that there are a few minor chips present from the car being driven and enjoyed. The nose has a small dent that could possibly be removed with some skill, and lastly that the wires were chrome but were painted over at one point so do not show 100% as they could. Otherwise the rockers are straight and clean, the rear underside is shiny and straight and throughout the car many spot welds can be found as testament to its prior condition. A very good looking and beautifully presented example.

Upon entering the contrasting red interior we notice a correct aluminum center console indicative of an early example. A proper and original wood wheel, correct large bolster FHC seats, a very nice headliner and clean jams. We have noticed that everything in the interior appears to be in proper working condition with no obvious issues as to its electrical or accessories based functions. Our only complaint would have to be on the level of correctness. The carpets, seat back, door sills, door panels, and rear compartment have been trimmed in an incorrect material. Very presentable, nice to be in and not in need of any attention, but unfortunately incorrect by Jaguar standards. The only other obvious item would be that of the left hand turn signal indicator on the dash, which is missing, but easily obtainable.
The engine bay shows very well overall, a few items perhaps not painted in the correct color but all very minor and easily remedied should one decide to compete in any JCNA events. Everything is present, in order and appears to have been appropriately tended to during the restoration; clean, tidy, but also driven. The spare wheel well, a common place for issues on any E-Type is impressive on this example. Original spot welds and metal throughout with many of the proper plaques and other such items.

Turning the key starts the engine easily, when cold or hot. It idles smoothly, and a quick touch of the throttle quickly revs the engine without hesitation. With a good clutch the transmission engages easily, drives out nicely with good power through the rev range and no hesitation. The brakes work as if they are new and the car handles without fault. From the driver's seat we can see that the gauges read at about 50 pounds of oil pressure when warm under load, the temperature is consistent and in the middle and the amp meter reads as it should. The fuel gauge is accurate as it can be for an E-Type and the speedo and tachometer are in proper working order. All brakes, turn signals and lights are also functioning as one would expect in such a well prepared and serviced example. More recently this E-Type was the recipient of a $5,000+ service at Alistair Black's shop only 115 miles ago, and is in turn key condition with no items requiring attention at this time.
In 2010 Don Coleman unfortunately passed, and with this passing on the E-Type to his daughter and most recent enthusiast care taker. Included in the sale are all of the records since around 1990, JDHT Certificate, original book, repair manuals, original jack, spare, and some original loose tools. The Museum of Modern Art summed up the E-Type, describing it as "the paradigm of the modern sport scar", a quote that the Mr. Hollingsworth, Mr. Coleman certainly understood first hand.


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