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"Having a blast with the past"

With head office, workshop and showroom in Lancashire and demonstration facilities in Northamptonshire, Reincarations are exclusive Distributors for Chamonix of Brazil, offering very high quality replicas of Porsche's iconic 356 Speedster and 550 Spyder models from the 1950's. Chamonix construct their own lightweight steel tube chassis, for improved handling, light weight and good fuel economy. The cars are not to be confused with those lesser replicas that rely on the use of an old VW beetle floor pan.
Over this excellent chassis a hand laid, lightweight, high quality woven mat composite body is fitted, which is often mistaken for metal. See individual advertisements for more detail.
Using our own workshop, we also carry out custom work on later air cooled Porsche models, typically recreating a valuable earlier car, such as the 1973 2.7 RS Carrera, using a later donor car to give the classic look at a fraction of the price and provide the owner with a very useable car to enjoy.
We do build cars for our own stock, as advertised, but are also able to modify your existing car or source a donor to create you particular requirement.

Please contact us to discuss any requirement.

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