Bond Minicar (1966)

Price: GBP9,995

 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1966
  • Colour: Shark Blue
  • Engine: 250cc Petrol
  • Mileage 42,178
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

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A professionally restored and Owner’s Club known Bond Minicar 250 G Estate.

Steel chassis, aluminium alloy and glass fibre body, quarter lights, winding windows and locking doors, double dipping Lucas headlamps, side repeaters, electrical horn, self-parking electrical wipers, curved Triplex glass, rubber glazing strips, fully opening rear door, dual purpose rear seating, sprung steering wheel, dash-mounted gear change lever, ignition warning and neutral indicator lights, electric self-starter, 90 degree steering lock, dash light. Dealer accessories; Twin wing mirrors, twin door mirrors, driving lamps.

This stunning and very late Bond Minicar 250 G Estate has been subject to a no expense spared, documented and photographic full restoration, the resulting condition being simply incredible. Bond utilised paint colours from other manufacturers and this example is finished in High Gloss Ford Shark Blue. The paint finish to the dressed alloy and fibreglass bodywork is exceptional and all panel work is remarkable. A ground up fully stripped restoration assures complete confidence. The quirky design is as delightful as it is unusual and all unique trim and fittings are excellent including the bright finish chrome which displays some light pitting. Many original features remain such as the louvred grille and original fitment badges and model designation insignia. Without question one the best remaining examples in existence, this wonderful Bond forms part of the huge ‘Microcar’ following with pride.

The no-compromise approach to the exterior finish has been carried on inside the car with a fabulous full retrim to the upholstery and flooring whilst originality remained in the fascia and trim. The light grey vinyl seating covering to the front bench style and rear bench seats with matching door cards is pristine, as is the black crackle finish vinyl flooring with neat over mats. The deliciously quirky curved fascia features Bakelite switches and three spindle sprung steering wheel as well as the leather strap holding the bonnet and boot locking T-bar key. Further idiosyncrasies in the form of the dash-mounted gear change distinguish this motor car from more traditional vehicles. The versatile folding rear seats are also removable to create a rear side windowed version of the popular Ranger Van. It is fair to say this Bond is ergonomically challenged but it more than compensates in its condition and wonderful unusualness. Leather knitted back gloves (size 10) are on hand for the driver.

The original Special Twin-Cylinder Engine is fitted to this example. Specification for this top of the range Villiers Mark 4T is Two-Stroke with a Villiers S25/11 carburettor and a power output of 14.6bhp at 5500rpm. The engine compartment is cleaned and detailed to show winning standard with the engine plate intact and Sharps Commercials Ltd chassis build plate fixed to the bulkhead. The engine and gearbox were fully reconditioned, along with the clutch assembly, through the Club Spares Scheme. The manual transmission with four forward gears requires familiarisation but operates precisely as it should.

The miniature 10inch pressed steel wheels are shod in new 4.40-10 tyres to the rear and 4.00-10 single tyre to the front wheel. Bright chrome hubcaps to the rear wheels look superb. Lockheed hydraulic brakes to the front and rear wheels are archaic by modern standards but perform as they should and bring this lightweight vehicle to a safe stop.

The Bond Minicar range was manufactured by British car manufacturer Sharps Commercials Ltd of Preston which later became Bond Cars Ltd in 1964. The Mark G was billed as the “New Line” Minicar and this 250 G Estate was the final evolution of the Minicar series. This very late example, believed to be the 18th from last Minicar, was registered new on 16th September 1966 and is well known to the official Bond Owners Club and has often featured in their monthly publication, ‘Bond Info’ magazine. The last recorded Minicar to leave Preston in November 1966 was an Estate.

MDT90D was purchased by the previous ‘Bond fanatic’ owner, Mr Robin Thompson, in 2014 whereby a professional no expense spared, documented and photographic full restoration began. There are four huge and beautifully presented photograph albums detailing every step of the meticulous restoration, carried out to a first-class standard by specialists, Mid Beds Vehicle Restoration Ltd. Furthermore, the history file documents all work undertaken. The original handbooks and workshop manuals are well thumbed but are a great element of this vehicle’s rich history. There is even a Bond Minicar sales brochure in the history file as well as a folder of receipts, specialist invoices and MOT certificates. Subject when new to lower purchase tax rates and Vehicle Excise Duty as well as being drivable on a motorcycle license, such vehicles were hugely popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s as an alternative to more expensive conventional motor cars. Tremendous fun to drive and amazing practicality with features such as the 90-degree turning circle that’s allows the car to turn within its own length! A very special and rare car and regarded by Mike and Renate of the Bond Owners Club Spares as ‘possibly the best MkG in the Club’

MOT exempt, HPI Clear.

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