Chevrolet Impala (1964)

Price: GBP15,399

 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1964
  • Colour: Not Specified
  • Engine: 283cc Petrol
  • Mileage 59,000
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

 Private Seller 

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Less than 60000 original miles.
Had this car just under a year in the UK but now its time to move on.
Its been driven regularly for the best part of the last 8 months having been stored undercover during the worst weather of the year.

Arrived in the UK last April and was MOT'd within the next few months whereupon it flew thru the MOT. Its an original 283ci column shift 2 speed V8.
It had only 55k on the clock when purchased and I have no reason to believe this wasnt genuine.

The car had undergone extensive preparations for a long distance road trip that never happened. The guy we purchased this car from was a prize winning hot rod builder with another 3 cars in his collection. After driving it for 5k miles this last year it purrs and drives impeccably. Everything works.
It comes with a partial history and expenses file which includes a few years of US '23 point tests' (an MOT type inspection) which it passed comfortably whilst it was in the US.

Items relatively recently installed -
Gas tank
Seat belts (none standard)
Trunk floor
Coil springs
CD player, linked to play thru the original am radio
Water pump
Fuel pump and
a larger capacity afermarket Aluminium radiator was added to enable the car to undertake the long journey that the car was being prepped for. This i believe is the only none original spec.
This price incidentally INCLUDES over $1200 of WeldRace wheels and tyres as shown in the pic AND a full set of four originals with hard to locate original hubcaps .It has had thousands spent on it.
If youd prefer just the originals we can discuss the price

I will answer ONE pertinent email and then expect any further conversation on the phone. Genuine potential buyers will understand this.
Only sensible serious offers will be considered.

- this is FOR SALE and Cash only. Any correspondence of any kind that doesnt respect this simple concept will be ignored.


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