Bentley MK VI (1951)

Price: GBP45,000


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1951
  • Colour: Maroon
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage Not Specified
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

  The Real Car Co Ltd  

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An interestingly different and handsome car, in excellent condition following restoration in the 1990s. The car is a lovely example of a rare and attractive, very well constructed Freestone & Webb bodied MKVI, slightly quirky in a very appealing way. The car is in lovely condition, with particularly fine paintwork, excellent chromework, good leather and superb veneers, all excellently executed, along with very good carpets and headlining, all high quality and very appealing. As well as being cosmetically lovely, the car is very sound and correct and mechanically very good too, driving and performing just as it should. In fact, the car has very recently been driven to Italy with no trouble at all, completing the journey in a very short time, delighting the owner! Recently fitted with a set of new radial tyres which suit the car very well, being cross ply in size and appearance but with all the benefits of radial construction. Offered serviced, thoroughly prepared, newly MoT tested and ready to go.

Chassis No. B195HP Reg. No. WMF 198

Snippets: Goldstein, Gaiety Girls & 3 Georges
Alfred Goldston registered B195HP at his business Phoenix Fireworks Co Ltd of Brondesbury – in 1931 Alfred (a natural born British subject) changed his name from Abbe Goldstein to Alfred Goldston. This was some 7 years before the outbreak of WWII, perhaps he had a foreboding about the future. Gray’s Fireworks was started in 1938 by K. Gray who sold the company in 1948 to Alfred Goldston & Philip Rose who manufactured fireworks from Brock’s factory in Hemel Hempstead under the name of Phoenix, Philip left in 1949 and Alfred carried on under the name of Britannia Fireworks and later sold out to Continental Industry specialists in manufacturing sparklers. In 1954 B195HP was acquired by Major George Brodrick of Eastwell Manor (previously Eastwell Park) who was the illegitimate grandson of Jay Gould (1836/1892) a railway magnate whose fortune was estimate at $72m (equivalent to $1.8billion today). The Major’s father was George Gould who had 3 children with Guinevere Sinclair (a Gaiety Girl) whilst he was still married to Edith Kingdon (an actress); the dalliance between George & Guinevere was such that he set her up on a 29acre estate on Manursing Island where he arrived by yacht at the weekends!! Edith died in November 1921 and in May 1922 George & Guinevere married and to escape the scandal they moved to Castle Grant in Scotland, in Spring 1923 George went to Egypt to see the tomb of Tutankhamen and whilst in Cairo he contracted a fever and died in May 1923. Within a year Guinevere married again to Viscount Dunsford – George St. Johns Brodrick (his 1st wife was a chorus girl - Peggy Rush); the Viscount formally adopted the 3 illegitimate Gould offspring as his own. Major George Brodrick was sent to Eton and his “fag” was Peter Carrington who later became Foreign Secretary. During WWII the Major served in Egypt & Europe with the Irish Guards - 1st Battalion – and in 1940 he found time to marry. After the war the Brodrick family settle down at Eastwell Manor where he farmed 3,000 acres and hosted dinner parties – in 1965 he commissioned Mr Fish to produce a specially knitted pair of tangerine coloured cashmere shooting stockings!!


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