Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I (Frogeye) (1960)

Price: GBP4,700

 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1960
  • Colour: Green
  • Engine: 948cc Petrol
  • Mileage 15,346
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

 Private Seller 

Telephone: 0755710699

The Sprite is finished in the very attractive Leaf Green, one of the most popular original colours, and comes with hood, hood frame, side screens and tonneau.Built in 1960 and registered in Liverpool with the interesting registration number 1918K, the car was superbly restored a few years ago. It has been used sparingly since and is just beginning to develop that desirable patina that differentiates it from a car straight from the restorer’s workshop. Originality was the driving force behind the restoration which was featured in a number of motoring magazines at the time.The car has a number of unusual extras such as the rare Donald Healey works anti-roll bar, an original Radiomobile 50T valve radio identical to the factory fitment when new, and also includes the extremely hard to find factory front number plate panel for use when no bumper is fitted. It also has some as attractive period accessories such as a BMC fire extinguisher, original decals and a contemporary locking fuel filler.We are selling the car with a BMC factory hardtop. These are individually numbered and are
incredibly rare to find. This one has the original windscreen latches, not the imperfect reproduction ones and of course it comes in the
proper factory colour and with the correctly dated (1960) Triplex glass rear screen not a Perspex replacement.


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