Willys Light Four Whippet (1928)

Price: EURO17,950


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1928
  • Colour: Blue
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage Not Specified
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

This vehicle has been sold.


4cyl 134ci 30 hp Very nicely restored over the last few years, with an attractive eyecatching colour scheme. Benefited from some sensible upgrades - H4 reflectors fitted perfectly into the original barrel type headlights. - electrical system upgraded to 12V and alternator fitted. - Shock absorbers added to rear axle. -Originally factory 4 wheel rod brakes, now upgraded to 4 wheel Hydraulic braking system. -Driveshaft with modern universal joints, indicator system fitted and electric window wiper. Contrasting red interior, new hood and wet weather side curtains. Twin spare tyres, luggage carrier and fully upholsted dicky seat come together to make this an excellent roadster for enjoyment. In 1928 this was the 3rd most sold motor vehicle behind Ford and Chevrolet. Starts and drives very nicely. Many more photos on www.classics.co.nz


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