Toyota SA (1964)

Price: GBP4,250

 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1964
  • Colour: Ivory white
  • Engine: 1900cc Petrol
  • Mileage 104,115
  • Condition Fair

 Vehicle Description 

 Private Seller 

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1963/64/65 Toyota Stallion Stout for sale. (I am unfortunately not sure of the exact year, as she came with replacement registration papers)

Spent her whole life in the dry interior region of South Africa, no rust anywhere. A little surface oxidation is visible but no tin-worm.

Bought as a project for restoration but a change in personal circumstances has made going forward with the project impossible for the next few years so I'm selling her to a more attentive home.

She's a lovely example of the type and has a very endearing, stubborn character (but not in the recalcitrant Italian sense). She has independent front suspension rather than a solid axle - apparently this was done on later models.

She starts and runs every time and has not ever given me any reason to doubt that I would get home from a drive.

Key points:

* No tears in the original vinyl interior
* New carpets were fitted at some point before she became mine
* There is a rubber carpet cover in place
* All the glass is original as far as I can tell
* Original drivetrain
* 6 wheels (2 spares)
* Centre bearing on the driveshaft was done as a precaution last year.
* All electrics work (with a caveat- see below)

Issues (that I wanted to address but haven't had the time to do):

* She has an aftermarket temp and fuel guage (both functional but non-original obviously) - the original guages possibly need attention. I am not sure as I haven't had a chance to investigate this issue
* Clutch doesn't keep pressure in the system, so it sags after about 30 secs or so of holding it in - suspect a master cylinder kit or replacement master cylinder is required.
* Brakes work well enough for drums but right-rear locks up if applied vigorously - suspect a full system overhaul/refurb would be wise.
* Head has not been converted to lead-free, so I currently use an additive to protect the valve seats.
* There is a small dent in the front panel above the grill from a previous owner.
* Fuel pump is currently electrical, but the original is still mounted and probably just needs a diaphragm kit to function again (as per opinion in various forums)
* The local mouth-breathing carburettor "expert" fitted a slightly bigger idle jet to the carburettor as he couldn't get the automatic choke to work. She starts and runs fine once warm but is a little Alfa-like to start if the weather is chilly - you need to coax her a bit. Unfortunately the options to fix this situation are limited to 1 in the town where I live, so I have been searching for an alternative person who might actually know what they're doing rather than pretending. If you have a tame one, it should be a doddle to sort.
* Original window rubber - if it rains, you're going to get wet. Luckily it doesn't rain here often and I don't have to take her out when it is.

If you have questions, want to see more pictures or need more detail, email me: remerus at gmail dot com

More pictures can be found here:



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