Rolls-Royce 25/30 HP (1938)

Price: GBP120,000


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1938
  • Colour: Cream & Brown
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage Not Specified
  • Condition Not Specified

 Vehicle Description 

  The Real Car Co Ltd  

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An unusual, very stylish and possibly unique open car, with an interesting and particularly handsome design, being relatively sleek, with spats to the rear wheels, twin side-mounted spare wheels, louvred bonnet & scuttle and ‘dropping’ waistline moulding, all complimented by a correct set of lamps and long trumpet horns. All six wheels are fitted with Ace wheel discs, which we feel suit the design nicely. The car has recently been fitted with a new cylinder head and is smartly presented under the bonnet. According to the factory records, the paintwork was originally light green throughout with "speckled grey leather and hood material to match". All in all, a rare opportunity to acquire 'something different' as a light project with lots of potential. Back to the original colour scheme perhaps?

Chassis No. GGR54 Reg. No. EYE 791 £120,000

Snippets: An Indian connection, and a tragic family.
GGR54 was initially ordered by J. N. Mookerjee of Messrs Martin & Co, India but he did not take delivery of GGR54 – this was because he saw 3CP76 (a Phantom III) in Jack Barclay’s show room and immediately traded in GGR54 + £600 for the PIII which is still with the Mookerjee family in India. The 1st owner of GGR54 was Robert Henry Arthur Rivers Bulkeley who had a very tragic childhood; his father Captain Thomas Rivers-Bulkeley was aide de camp to Duke of Connaught and whilst serving in the Scots Guards he was killed in action during WWI (Oct 1914) – his son, Robert was just 9 months old. When Robert was 9 ½ years old his mother, Annie Evelyn Pelly died leaving Robert an orphan, his godparents were the Duke of Connaught, the 1st Marquess of Curzon & Sir H. V. Meredith. Robert’s aunt Constance was the wife of David Lindsay, the 27th Earl of Crawford and it is possible that Robert was raised by the Crawfords also. It would be interesting to know if this was the case. It would seem that GGR54 was with Robert Bulkeley for just a few months as he & his young family were posted to Egypt with the 2nd Battalion of Scots Guards. The 2nd owner of GGR54 was James Miller, a Scottish engineer who in his life time was Lord Provost of Edinburgh (1951/4) and Lord Mayor of London (1964/5) whose mayoral cars had the registrations of S0 (Edinburgh) and LM0 (London). From 1955 to 1974 GGR54 was with the prolific author Ken Ullyett – his books covered topics ranging from Silver Ghosts, Clocks, Pewter and 7 books on various makes of cars. His home of Glycine House in Hampton Court Road dates from the 1700 and is reputed to have been built by George I for his physician and in the cellar there was a connecting tunnel built between Glycine House and Hampton Court!


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