MG B (1966)

Price: EURO14,700


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1966
  • Colour: Red
  • Engine: Not Specified
  • Mileage 7,000
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

  LBI Limited  

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In May of 1962 the production of the MGA ceased, and just after the last MGA was produced, behind it on the assembly line was its predecessor, the MGB. Sporting a completely new monocoque design with more power and better options, the MGB became one of the most iconic MG's and British sports cars of all time, the MGB was a sports car most could afford and offered a lot of fun in a little package. There were various editions, models and concepts produced. But the pre-67 cars retain the purity of the original and offer much value for money as the most collectible MGB produced.
We have the opportunity to purchase many MGB's amongst other cars. Truth be told, we pass on 98% of them as many have been used cars, restored poorly, or just aren't up to par with what we expect in a restored or good driver quality(+) example. The car on offer here represents an opportunity to acquire the best and MGB has to offer in more ways than one. First and foremost this is a factory wire wheel, over drive, metal dash example with the 5 main bearing engine and pre-67 with no smog equipment. Second, it is a superbly restored example finished in quintessential sport scar car colors of red over black. The British Heritage Trust Certificate confirms these are the factory colors and that the car still retains its original numbers matching engine.
History on this exact B is known from the late 1980's whereby Harrisburg, PA collector Steve Etter purchased this car as a running driving example that was in need of restoration. During 1990 the car underwent total restoration. As per the photos, receipts, and apparent by inspection, this car was thoroughly completed to a very high standard with every aspect tended to. The rust repair consisted of the floors, rockers, inner rockers, and fenders, all completed with metal and proper techniques. Overall there is no indication of the work completed, with little to no filler used anywhere beyond the common skim coat for finish work. The engine was completely rebuilt, and all suspension, steering, and braking components received a total overhaul as well. A new wiring harness, hardware, trim, complete interior, moldings, etc... were all tended to. This car was well completed inside and out with receipts and photos to accompany the job.
Since completion there are many receipts over the years for service and various sorting of the car. To date this car reflects and absolute turnkey example with no issues known. Since the restoration apx. 22 years ago, this car has seen only 7,000 well cared for miles. It still presents very well, and could easily pas as a recent restoration. Cosmetically this car presents very well. All panel fitment and gaps are excellent. The passenger side door could be our only complaint with the car overall, as the bottom edge sticks out ever so slightly; and is something that could possibly be adjusted. The chrome is excellent and in no need of attention with great shine. The glass all appears original and crack free as are the rubber components on the car. The body is extremely straight with no major blemishes, keeping in mind this is a 7,000 mile car that has been enjoyed. The occasional chip may be present, but does not stick out. All emblems and trim pieces are present and in excellent condition. The chrome wires present as new and add a great look to the car. The interior is of the same quality, nearly new and barely broken in. The fit and finish is excellent throughout with everything in place as it should be. The dash is nicely finished in the crinkle finish and all knobs, switches, and pulls are present and in working order. All of the electrical items on this car are in proper working order with no known issues. The door jams are very clean, with under the dash showing the same consistency of a thoroughly restored example.
The engine bay shows to be extremely clean, well prepared and show worthy. Everything one would expect of a high quality B is where it should be, with nothing out of place or any complaints to be made. The engine is finished in the proper colors, all badges are correctly placed, and everything appears to have been well tended to over the years. If one were to complain the only item that could be debatable are the aftermarket air cleaners and valve cover, of which, both are very tasteful modifications and easy to change back. The undercarriage shows 7,000 miles of being driven and enjoyed. It is a little dirty but very solid with no surprises and in no need of attention. The trunk is well finished and shows much like that of the engine bay.
We have had the pleasure of enjoying this B for about 100+ miles and can report it to be in fine operating order. 60 pounds+ of oil pressure at all time, running temperature in the norm of 190 degrees and no signs of any trouble to come. This B produces excellent power, shifts easily with overdrive engaging and disengaging flawlessly. The brakes work surprisingly well, and the handling and road holding feels tight and in control. Overall we are very impressed and would venture to take this B just about anywhere we wanted to go. Finished with Ansa Exhaust, there is an excellent tone that reminds us of the sporting pedigree MG so subtly offers.
Included in the sale are the jack, top and bows (in nearly new condition), spare, and MGB Special Tuning manual, and all records and photos. This is surely an opportunity for just about anyone looking for a good, reliable, and investment grade MGB that won't disappoint. Collectors or enthusiast, anyone can appreciate a very well example of the MGB, and this is surely an opportunity not to be missed. Please inquire with any additional interest, we would be happy to assist.


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