MG A (1957)

Price: EURO30,500


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1957
  • Colour: Blue
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage 450
  • Condition Concours

 Vehicle Description 

  LBI Limited  

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The MG A at the time of inception was a breakthrough for Morris Garage in many ways. The TF cars were old technology, even well before the TF was produced. The A was a long awaited design and a necessity to keep the company's success flowing. When first introduced, it featured many firsts for the company. Today, the MGA is considered one of Britain's most revered sports cars, and affordable as well with many available in all different levels of condition and variants from 1955-1962. Many factory colors were available, some options too, and even performance models such as the Twin Cam were produced. But the roots are in the original 1500 cars that first gave way to growth that followed the MGA.
The 1957 MGA Roadster on offer is one of exceptional quality with many great attributes to its history and restoration. Sold new in 1957 into Pennsylvania, it has always remained in its state of origin with two caring owners until the mid 1990s, when it was acquired by its third and current owner. Upon his acquisition the car showed just over 86,000 miles and was a tired original and mostly rust-free example.

It was then that a two year total nut-and-bolt restoration took place by marque specialists in nearby Harrisburg PA. The restoration entailed the car being completely disassembled, media blasted, and the chassis and body completely redone and mated once more. The entire drive line is rebuilt from top to bottom and a new beige leather interior was installed. Finished in the gorgeous color combination of Robins Egg Blue over Beige, with all weather gear and in excellent condition. Completed in 1997, the car has been enjoyed for 2,928 miles, and has been serviced regularly and kept in climate controlled storage. It has always been a prized possession and kept in show worthy condition to this day. The restoration is of the highest quality and standards; it shows as very correct and impressive. Some tasteful modifications such as chrome wire wheels; aftermarket steering wheel and valve cover have added a nice touch and could easily be changed if the new owner is looking to win a few MG shows.
Cosmetically this MGA shows very well with straight panels, good rockers and excellent door and panel fitment. The rubber is excellent throughout and the chrome is of the same quality. The interior is in excellent condition with signs of use, and the gauges and instrumentation are in excellent working order. The top, tonneau and weather gear are all present and in good condition as well.
Mechanically this MGA is in great condition, having been fully rebuilt it starts easily, runs well and shows good oil pressure and temperature at all times. Power through the rev range is always impressive and the braking and clutch systems work without fault.

All things considered this is an impressive show quality MGA that is ready to enjoy as an easy MG Concours contender, or a tour ready driver. Included in the sale are photos of the restoration, all weather gear, spare, documentation, and an operator's manual. Please inquire for many more photos and details.


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