Citroen 2CV6 (1938)

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 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1938
  • Colour: Not Specified
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage Not Specified
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

  Dr. Heins Classics Ltd  

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This rare 1938 right hand drive, British Slough built roadster was imported into New Zealand and registered in 1938. The car is likely to have been built in Slough in 1937. The roadster had a succession of owners until the present owners purchased it in 1969. Restoration, including the bodywork and engine of this car commenced in 2000 and has been recently completed. All restoration has been completed by professionals. The car has done 920 Miles (as at 17/08/11) since the restoration was completed. The car comes with ownership papers, a current New Zealand registration and warrant of fitness. This car is being reluctantly offered for sale due to the death of the owner prior to the completion of the restoration. The car has been painted burgundy, has cream leather upholstery, black hood, tilt screen and a walnut dash and woodwork, all in an "as new" condition. The owner of the car was a automotive engineering tutor at a polytechnic and a long term Citroen enthusiast, who admired Citroens for their exceptional engineering, beautiful styling and performance on the road. This car is no exception, the car has a restored 15hp light 15 Citroen engine which deviates from the original 12 hp engine only to improve driving performance. The car drives along happily at over 100k per hour, taking steep hills and windy roads in its stride. There are two unrestored 12hp engines available for the purist who would prefer to restore the car to the original engine specifications. There are many photographs of the restoration as well as the interior, exterior and motor of the car as well as a DVD available of the car that demonstrates the performance of the car. All of these are available for anyone who is seriously interested in this car. This rare original roadster has to be considered an excellent investment for a Citroen enthusiast who would like a very stylish restored car that is ready for the road and retains all the features that have made this car a sought after rarity and an excellent investment.


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