The history of the Lotus Mk1


The Lotus Mark I was the first car designed and built by Colin Chapman in 1948, while Chapman was still a student at the University of London. The car was designed to compete as a trials car, and was constructed on an Austin 7 chassis and running gear. Chapman built the body utilizing a composite made of thin aluminum bonded to plywood. He modified the rear suspension to give better handling and the engine to give more power. His approach to automobile construction using sound engineering principles and ingenious chassis design set the stage for many more revolutionary designs to follow. Although the original Mark I has been lost to history, a replica was created to the same dimensions that uses an identical Austin chassis and running gear. Both Chapman and his future wife competed with the car in English Trials, a form of competition over rough terrain against time. Chapman continued to develop and modify the Mark I. First larger wheels and tyres were fitted and the front beam axle was split and hinged in the centre to provide independent front suspension. The success of the car helped encourage Chapman to continue designing competition cars.

Lotus for sale

Lotus Europa S2
1970 Devon
Private sale Views: 17223
Lotus Europa
1973 Dorset
Trade sale Views: 13114
Lotus Seven
1965 Cambridgeshire
Private sale Views: 2997
Lotus Seven S3
1973 Kent
Private sale Views: 3011
Lotus Esprit S1
1988 Aberdeen
Private sale Views: 3426
Lotus Esprit
1985 London
Trade sale Views: 12002