• Parent company Ford Motor Company (1996-2008)
    Tata Motors (2008-)
  • Manufacturer Jaguar Cars
  • Production 1996–present
  • Also Called XK8, XKR, XK
  • Body style(s) 2-door coupĂ©
    2-door convertible
  • Class Grand tourer
  • Layout FR layout
  • Predecessor Jaguar XJS

The history of the Jaguar XK


The Jaguar XK series (XK8 and XKR) is a grand tourer produced by British car maker Jaguar since 1996. The car was introduced in Geneva Motor Show on 5 March 1996. It is the replacement of the XJS, and is available as a coupé and convertible. Currently in its second generation, the XK8 was the first 8 cylinder vehicle produced by Jaguar, when the Jaguar AJ-V8 engine was introduced.
X100 (1996–2006)
Assembly: Coventry, England
Engine(s) 4.0 L AJ26/27 V8, 4.0 L AJ26S SC V8, 4.2 L AJ34 V8, 4.2 L AJ34S SC V8
Transmission(s) 5-speed automatic, 6-speed automatic ('97-06)
Wheelbase 101.9 inches (2,590 mm)
Length 1997–2004: 187.4 inches (4,760 mm), 2005-06: 4,775 mm (188.0 in)
Width 1997–2004: 1,830 mm (72.0 in), 2005–2006: 1,800 mm (70.9 in)
Height 1997–1998 Coupe & 1999–2006 XK8 Convertible: 1,295 mm (51.0 in), 1997–98 Convertible: 1,305 mm (51.4 in), XKR Convertible: 1,288 mm (50.7 in), 1999–2006 XK8 Coupe: 1,283 mm (50.5 in), XKR Coupe: 1,278 mm (50.3 in)
The 1997 XK8 (project code X100) was available in coupé or convertible body styles and with either a supercharged or naturally aspirated 290 horsepower (220 kW) 4.0 litre AJ26 engine. From 2003 the engines were replaced by the 4.2 litre AJ34 engines in both the normally aspirated and supercharged versions. The supercharged variant is known as the XKR. The first-generation XK series shares its platform with the Aston Martin DB7. Both cars are derived from the Jaguar XJS, though the platform has been extensively changed. One of the revisions is the use of the second generation of Jaguar's IRS unit, taken from the XJ40.
The car's aerodynamic design gives it a drag co-efficient of 0.35 for the XK8 coupe and 0.36 for the XK8 convertible.
Power and performance
Both the XK8 and XKR are electronically limited to a maximum of 155 miles per hour (249 km/h), lower than the top speed of its predecessor, the XJS. The XK8 heralded a change in direction for the company, resulting in the S-Type and X-Type.
Both the XK8 and XKR come standard with 18-inch (460 mm) alloy wheels, and 19 and 20-inch (510 mm) wheels are available for additional cost. A navigation system and self-leveling xenon headlamps come standard with the XKR and as options for the XK8. Jaguar's Adaptive Cruise Control is an optional feature available on both models. Both come with all-leather interior, burl walnut trim, and side airbags. Jeremy Clarkson, during a Top Gear (a UK motoring magazine/TV show) test-drive, likened the interior of the original XK8 to sitting inside Blenheim Palace. In 2004 the grille design of the XKR was refreshed.
107 XK Silverstone models were made in Phase I (MY2000), and 456 in Phase II (MY2001) in celebration of Jaguar's return to F1 racing in 2001. It featured a Platinum paint finish, specific badges and tread plates,a high-performance package (with the same engine as the standard XKR, but improved transmission, steering, suspension and brakes), 20 inch Silver BBS "Detroit" wheels and a custom interior (red-stitched black leather and birds-eye maple wood) . All possible factory options were included, to the exception of the telephone and the navigation system, which had to be ordered separately. Phase I cars were only for UK, so they all were RHD; Phase two cars were all for export, all LHD except 40 RHD cars for the Japanese market.
Built to celebrate the centenary of Jaguar's founder, 500 'XKR 100' coupes and convertibles combined total were made in 2002. The XKR 100 featured an Anthracite paint finish, Recaro seats, 20 inch BBS alloy wheels, Brembo brakes, and custom interior. This model may be referred to as the XKR-R as well.
The convertible-only Portfolio models were produced in 2004 exclusively for the US market. Of the Portfolio models, 100 featured unique Red paint with matching Recaro sports seats and interior, whilst the remaining 100 had Blue paintwork and interiors.
Portfolio models were also sold in France.
In Europe the 4.2-S was unveiled at Geneva on 1 March 2005. This was the last XK to be rolled out that was based upon the original 1996 design. Features for the 4.2-S Four included new exterior and interior colours and two distinct veneer options for the instrument panel, polished door treadplates with chequered-flag emblems and embossed, leather-edged floor mats. The revised white Jaguar badge on the bonnet also feature chequered accents. New 19" Atlas wheels plus cross-drilled Brembo brake discs, red wheel badges and red brake callipers were also fitted.
Jaguar also produced a concept car called the XKR-R which was very similar to the production XKR, but boasting a more powerful 450 bhp (340 kW) engine, a manual gearbox, a limited-slip differential and improved handling. The naming convention is similar to that of the S-Type R special edition. Unlike the S-Type R, it will never be realised on a Mk.1 XK chassis although a model of the same name could appear on the Mk.2 XK later this year.
X150 (2006–present)
Assembly: Coventry, England
Engine(s) 4.2 L AJ34 V8, 4.2 L AJ34S SC V8, 5.0 L AJV8 GenIII V8
Transmission(s) 6-speed automatic
Wheelbase 2,750 mm (108.3 in)
Length 2007–2009: 4,790 mm (188.6 in), 2010-: 4,793 mm (188.7 in)
Width 1,892 mm (74.5 in)
Height 1,320 mm (52.0 in)
XK8 Convertible: 1,328 mm (52.3 in)
Curb weight 1,675 kilograms (3,690 lb)

Type 1980s 1990s 2000s
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Sports car XJ-S XJ-S HE XJS XK8 / XKR XK / XKR
Compact exec       X-Type
Executive car     S-Type XF
Full-size XJ6 S3 XJ6 (XJ40) XJ6 XJ8 / XJR XJ8 / XJR
XJ12 S3 XJ12 XJ12    
Halo model     15 XJ220    
Racing   XJRs C   R1/2/3/4/5   XKR GT3
Ownership British Leyland Independent Ford Tata Motors

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