The history of the Ford Capri 116E


Produced: 1962-1964, 7573 produced.
Ford attempted to revive its struggling Capri and Classic range with a facelift and new engine just one year after the model's introduction. Both cars had been criticised for their lack of power and the transatlantic styling cues. Unfortunately the cost of tooling changes prevented Ford from modifying the styling, so a new engine was intended to cure the problems.
The 116E used a new five bearing engine, borrowed from the Cortina Super, which had a larger capacity of 1498cc (1500). A change of model name completed the image changes the Capri was now the Capri GT (116E). Despite the extra performance, Ford's attempts at revival were not enough to save it and so the range was discontinued at the end of 1963.

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Ford Capri III
1987 West Sussex
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Ford Capri III
1984 Hertfordshire
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1977 London
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1973 Lancashire
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