Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental (1933)

Price: GBP155,000


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1933
  • Colour: Beige & Black
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage Not Specified
  • Condition Not Specified

 Vehicle Description 

  The Real Car Co Ltd  

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An extremely elegant and stylish car, of sleek, clean, well-balanced design – just as a PII Continental should be! Having been with one owner for the last two decades, the car is in very sound and smart condition, nicely finished in black and light apricot, with brown leather, a colour scheme which may sound strange but which we feel suits it really well. Louvred bonnet & scuttle, Ace wheel discs, P100 headlights and a large sliding sunroof all add to the cars attraction. The car is correct in all respects and is nicely sound with crisp door fits, decent paint work, excellent brightwork, and a mellow atmosphere inside, due to its twenty year old, well executed upholstery. Although the engine has recently been re-bored and refurbished and is in good running order, the car will be serviced, prepared, fitted with a set of new tyres & tubes and MoT tested before sale. The registration number is particularly relevant if you happen to be called Alf!.

Chassis No. 41MW Reg No. ALF 672

Snippets: Jobbing, Royalty & Safety Razors

Charles Henry Whittington was a successful jobber on the Stock Exchange, his wealth enabled him to purchase Flint House from Mr. F.N. Garrard who had lost money in the 1921 stock market crash, Flint House; even in 1921 Charles Whittington paid the sum of £25,000 equivalent to £1.2m today. Charles Whittington would apparently order a new car from Rolls-Royce even before he knew what the model was, it is said he was a personal friend of Charles Royce so perhaps this had a bearing on his orders. According to some sources, within a year 41MW was acquired by HRH Prince Ali Solomone Aga Khan (1911/60), whose life was led to the fullest in all respects. His lifestyle was one of excessive passions which included racing and breeding race-horses, cars, women, flying and owning properties. He was the son of Aga Khan III and his wife Theresa Magliano (a former ballerina) and due to their eldest son dying aged just 2 they were over-protective of Aly when he was young – private tuition in all aspects of his life including being sent to Cairo to be coached in the art of Imsak. The Prince married twice, both times to a divorcee Joan Guinness (divorced in 1949) and then to Rita Hayworth – their wedding reception was held at Chateau d’Horizon (built by the actress Maxine Elliot) where guests consumed 600 bottles of champagne and over 50lbs of caviar with the pool being filled with 10 gallons of perfume! When Aly’s father the Aga Khan III died he bypassed his son as the spiritual leader instead naming his grandson Karim as Aga Khan IV. In May 1960 after a day at Longchamp in France, Prince Aly & his fiancée Simone Bodine left the circuit in a new Lancia with Aly driving accompanied by their chauffeur, they were involved in a head on collision with a Simca, the Prince did not survive. By 1961 41MW was America with Samuel Brent Girdler Jr whose father, S. B. Girdler Snr, was said to have invented the safety razor which he sold to Gillette but we all we have found relating to razor blades is a patent which was filed in 1925 for a “receptacle for blades of used safety razor blades”. Samuel Brent Girdler Jr graduated from Yale alongside George Bush (later US President) & in 1954 Samuel Girdler established the Solano Steel Co in Brenicia, in 1969 he moved to Oroville where he started the Solano Railcar Company which specialised in the repair and renovation of damaged railcars and historic private railroad cars. Sam Girdler was well known for using his railcars for trips into Mexico & Sierra Nevada with his friends. His best known restorations were the Napa Wine Train and the Alice Hecker home, in order to restore the house to its former glory Sam bought back all of the furniture from the Paradise Audubon auction!


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