Rolls-Royce 20HP (1927)

Price: GBP17,500


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1927
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage Not Specified
  • Condition Project

 Vehicle Description 

  The Real Car Co Ltd  

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This is a truly what we think of as a barn find, even if not literally found in a barn. Originally fitted with a limousine body by Arthur Mulliner, but much of this is long gone, having been replaced many years ago by a simple, compact, plank constructed, sloping backed open body. However, the wings, scuttle, windscreen, front doors and a few other remnants of the original coachwork remain, providing potential for a future restoration. As we understand it, the car went to the USA in the sixties, and was won in a poker game in about 1970, from then onwards for about thirty years it was used to promote the owner’s family Greek restaurant in Dallas, Texas, both as a static exhibit parked outside and also driven around locally, complete with suitable sign writing which remains to this day. Now in a very sorry but fascinating state, the car has a seized engine and now needs total restoration, but is substantially complete and correct mechanically, retaining many desirable items, such as the correct 21" wheels. We have been successful in having the car's original UK registration number, UY 1705 re-issued, and a V5 document is present. A fascinating proposition & potentially very rewarding.

Chassis No. GRJ33 Reg. No. UY 1705

Snippets: Boxing Promoter to Restaurant Promoter
The first owner of GRJ33 was Lancelot Lloyd, the owner of Blackheath, Cradley, Smethwick & Oldbury Markets in the Birmingham area. During the 1920s & ’30 he was granted a licence to use Smethwick Market for weekly boxing events. The boxers who attended these bouts included Jimmy Rowbotham, Bill Cain, George Wallins, Kaiser Bates & Arthur “Boy “Edge. In 1933 Lancelot Lloyd was the co-respondent in a divorce case & the sum of £400 was awarded as damages to Mr Bert Hayes, a crane-driver; in 1934 Bert Hayes was charged with threatening to assault Lancelot Lloyd & the case made the local newspapers! By 1935 GRJ33 is shown as being registered to the Westminster Electric Supply Corporation of Eccleston Place in London and the car is next heard of as being in the USA in the 1960s & in the 1970s it was won at a poker game by Chris Tom Semos. Chris’s father Victor & Uncle Tom had emigrated from Greece to USA in the early 1900s and in due course opened several restaurants in the Dallas area as well as a coffee shop. After the poker game Chris Semos had GRJ33 painted in yellow & emblazoned with “Semos Restaurant” on the sides, it is of no surprise to learn that he would drive the car around town promoting the family business. Chris later became chairman of the Dallas County delegation in the Texas House of Representatives & was named in the Warren report as Chris had been a business associate of Jack Ruby’s best friend!


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