Aston Martin DB9

Vehicle Price: US$ 60,000
Advert Reference Number: 13667

-Chassis # SCFAD01A55GA00790
-5,523 Miles From New
-Finished In Berwick Bronze Over Black
-One-Owner, Extensive Options and $173,825 Sticker Price
-Complete With Clean Carfax, Manuals, Air Pump & First Aid Kit

The critically acclaimed James Bond, code name 007, a witty playboy and British secret agent for MI6 that always manages to find trouble wherever he goes. Tasked with taking down evil masterminds and terrorist organizations across the globe, Mr. Bond needs to ensure a speedy get away if he is to successfully complete his missions. For this, he frequently turned to his marque of choice, Aston Martin. In commemoration of Bond's loyalty to the brand, Aston Martin went as far as making a special edition 007 DB9 for the release of the blockbuster hit, Spectre. The DB9 is the successor to the DB7 and was completely redesigned from bumper to bumper, resulting in one the most handsome and engaging GT cars Aston Martin has ever produced. It received a lighter aluminum body, double wishbone suspension, and a 6.0L V12 engine that would allow the DB9 to reach 60mph in just 4.1 seconds. The Brits did not compromise performance for luxury either as the cabin was beautifully trimmed in leather and exotic woods to make the car feel like you are irrefutably in an Aston. The DB9 was and still is a phenomenal British grand tourer that will surely not disappoint.

The example on offer is a 2005 Aston Martin DB9, chassis number SCFAD01A55GA00790 with a mere 5,523 miles, finished in Berwick Bronze over a black interior. Coming out of long-term single ownership, this DB9 has spent its entire life in Houston, Texas where is was thoroughly cared for and lightly used. According to the Carfax report, this example has a squeaky-clean record, showing regular maintenance, and no discrepancies. The car is now housed in the LBI Stable and awaiting acquisition by its next caretaker. This DB9 is equipped with the following options:

-Grey Brake Calipers

-Cruise Control

-Mahogany Veneer Door Cappings

-Mahogany Veneer Facia Trim

-Fire Extinguisher

-First Aid Kit

-Optional Front Grille

-Heated Front Screen

-Linn 950W Audio System Dolby Pro Logic II

-Power Folding Mirror Assembly

-Dark Grey Primer

-Rear Parking Sensors

-Satellite Navigation

-Heated Front Seats

-Warm Charcoal Seat Belts

-Personalized Sill Plaques

-Smokers Kit

-Bitter Chocolate Stitching

-High Spec Alarm

Upon approach of this example, the Berwick Bronze paint shows phenomenally, having a sharp finish down the body of the car. From panel to panel, the paint shows consistently and lacks any significant blemishes. The only fault worth mentioning are several small nicks and specking in the clear bra on the front end but all minor in severity. There is also a small circular chip about the size of a small pebble located towards the bottom of the quarter panel just behind the driver's side door bottom. Every shut gap is spot on, showing even seams throughout with no quarrels to be had. The rubber seals are all supple, sealing properly and remain undamaged. The chrome grill, side vent inserts, and window frames have no pitting or scratches, all in superb condition. Every piece of glass appears to be original to the car and is without any imperfections. An inspection of the 10-spoke, 19” wheels will yield no issues as they are free of curb rash and other common blemishes, matching the excellent condition of the rest of the car.

Pull open the door and one will note a clever design feature of the DB9, as the doors open slightly upward to comfortably clear curbs. The doors jams are spotless, still possessing their factory stickers and finishes, serving as a pleasant transition into the beautifully trimmed interior. The driver's side polished metal kickplate has developed some light scratches from entry and exit but nothing that would warrant any repairs. The doorsills and center console are embellished with dark mahogany wood veneer that has been well kept over the years, having no cracks or inconsistencies in the finish. The black leather seats have fared well with the leather having loosened up a touch but still very presentable. The leather wrapped dash is flawless, free of any pulling, fading, or damage. All the instruments are in good working order and display accurate readings. The center console houses many modern components including the main screen display, navigation, radio, amongst many other applications. One item to note is the headliner is beginning to sag somewhat and will need to be re-glued. The rugs and door panels are in impeccable condition, showing as well cared for. The rear seats have seen little to no use and show as such. The only items to note is a small indentation on the driver's side rear seat and a faint mark on the leather of the rear bulkhead but both blemishes extremely minor.

Lifting open the bonnet with reveal the 6.0L V12 power plant as well as a correct and clean engine bay. All components show as factory equipment and there is a sense of tidiness throughout the area. Once again, there are no significant items to address for everything is still in its correct factory condition and due to limited use in combination with a dedicated caretaker, it is very clean with all the factory markings and labels present. The boot presents as expected, the liner intact and without fault, and no evidence of mistreatment. The condition of the undercarriage of this example is in tandem with one that has only traveled 5,500 miles. There is no rust, inconsistencies, indicators of need for repair, or evidence that this example ever incurred any previous damage.

The DB9 serves as a composed gentleman's grand tourer that provides both comfort and power for those long distance road trips. At about 3,800lbs the DB9 is certainly on the heavier side but still handles itself fairly well in the corners with limited body roll and is a brute down the straights as the massive V12 roars to life. This example is mechanically well sorted but we suggest a general 15k mile service and tire replacement as the car has not seen much road use as of late, hence the low mileage. With a turn of the key and a press of the engine start button, the engine instantly fires, letting out a low growl. Put the semi-automatic transmission in drive and engage your right foot will make one quickly realize just how much car the DB9 really is. The power is instant and raw, not having to wait to build turbo boost as the naturally aspirated V12 is responsive and accessible. Engaging sport mode will sharpen up the engine response and gear changes for even more performance. The steering feels tight, with no play, operating as intended. The brakes bite hard and knock of speed smoothly and do so with ease without squeaking or pulling.

The Aston Martin DB9 is an under appreciated grand tourer that has a lot to offer its user. The styling is absolutely timeless and will turn heads wherever it goes. The natural performance and aggressive nature of the V12 leaves the user finding it impossible not to keep putting your down. Paired with the fantastic soundtrack the DB9 produces, this car is truly addictive. With having such low miles, interesting color combination, and extensive options, it is a prime investment grade example. With a $178,000 original purchase price, there must be room for growth at the current price points. Offered with the sale are the factory books, tools, jack, air compressor, satellite navigation disc, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.

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