Bentley S2 (1960)

Price: GBP185,000


 Vehicle Specification 

  • Year: 1960
  • Colour: Regal Red
  • Engine: Petrol
  • Mileage Not Specified
  • Condition Good

 Vehicle Description 

  The Real Car Co Ltd  

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A lovely, correct, smart and sound example of an attractive and sought-after two door variation on the more numerous four door version. The car has been with one family since 1982 and comes with considerable history, including invoices for expenditure on maintenance and repairs during this period totalling £55,000, which included engine and gearbox overhaul work, re-painting, re-upholstering, and much more besides, plus others from earlier in the car’s life. There is also a green logbook dated 1972. Nicely finished in its original colour of Regal red, with excellent chromework, etc, and the interior is in good quality black leather with black carpets and grey headlining, all in very good order. The interior wood is in tasteful satin finish. An excellent car, offered serviced and newly MoT tested. The car came to us with a private registration number, which is to be removed before sale. All-in-all a very appealing car, in ideal condition to use and enjoy.

Chassis No. BC141AR Reg. No. 206 XVF

Snippets: A variety of owners
BC141AR has resided in some elegant and desirable properties in Glasgow, London and Newquay. The 1st owner of BC141AR was P. McDonald whose home of Woodside Terrace in Glasgow was designed by the architect George Smith (1793/1877), his other works included a Music Hall, Coffee Rooms, Banks, Hospitals, Churches, Cemeteries, Woodside Terrace and a Bowling Clubhouse! The 2nd owner was Dr John Airlie Ogilvy of Birstall in Yorkshire, prior to BC141AR Dr Ogilvy owned a 1959 Aston Martin DB4 which in 1960 had a body replaced due to an accident! In the early 1970s the 3rd owner was a Dr Paul Samuel Boyne of Earls Court Road who co-wrote an article with H. Medhurst on “Oral Anti-inflammatory Enzyme Therapy in Injuries in Professional Footballers”. After spending time with the Doctors the car then became the possession of Peter David Bevan of Montrose Place in London – which dates from the 1840s & is home to Andy Goldsworthy’s first public London sculpture “Slate Wall”.


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